Greetings to all,

Welcome, to my art page!

I am very glad for the opportunity of sharing with you, one of my best hobbies, which is my talent of painting.

It has been like a soul food, as I was raised up, looking and admiring my father's art work.

Extremely talented man, passionate, very patient, leaving in my mind, of a child, the question that
looked to have an eternity, in disposition of answering ''Will I be able to
paint this way?''

At school, still, I felt more competent, as my mother, who was my art teacher, would give us easier class/home works to do, not so advanced, like the ones hanging everywhere at our house walls.

Studying graphic design, where I was raised up in Athens/Greece, as my father was born there, I now had started falling in love with painting, in my art class. Having a deeper knowledge, and so, willing and looking even more toward my future progress.

Later on, up to this day, my dad repeats his words '' My sweet daughter, how art lover that you are! You should have better studied that alone, instead !''

- ''Daddy, do you like my paintings?''

- '' Yes, my child, I do congratulate you.. Remember though, that a good artist , is he who always accepts
criticism and tries more. I do, too."

Smiling then at me, saying "Well done, Christina. I like your art work''.

So, It is in my heart to paint, enjoy it and to give thanks to the Author of the Beauty, the Lord, for this amazing, to me, gift, I feel is engraved in my soul.

Wishing that you also will enjoy it, :)

- Christina